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Kellosepän työpöytä laadukkailla pintameteriaaleilla ,
pienempi tilantarve vastaaviin verrattuna 1.250 x 650 x 960 mm
paino 70 kg

Ergonomic workbench from wood
Container with 5 drawers right

with light-grey coated worktop and second platform

The worktop which is made of 40 mm thick multiplex is HPL-
coated (light-grey) and equipped with a circumferential
The arm rests are made of grey synthetic leather. The angle
of these arm rests is adjustable.

The workbench is equipped with a cable channel and two cable
outlets (left and right) on the worktop.

The very stable base of the bench is made of high-grade steel
and powder-coated (stainless-steel colored).
The siding and the inner lining of the bench are made of white
coated chipboards.

Container with 5 drawers mounted right, small drawer
in the middle in addition. The drawers are equipped with
high-quality metal sides. The back and the base of the
drawers are made of white coated chipboards (16 mm thick).

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